Mulberry House Window in Corfu
50 x 40 x 2cm (20x16x.8 in)
Oil paint on canvas

I just finished the first oil painting of the year! This artwork depicts looking out of a window at Mulberry House. It’s a charming stone house above the North East coast of Corfu. I found this house on Twitter and it's been a place I've wanted to visit for a while. They often post photos of the view from this window and I thought it was iconic. This is the first time I have asked someone if I can make a painting based on their photo and they happily agreed. They've been really excited about the progress and are such nice people. Here's a link to their page incase you're interested in staying in Corfu sometime!

I hope you all enjoy this piece and are all having a great start to the year.

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All the best,