I just finished my port of Aegina painting titled "Port of Aegina During Golden Hour" (40 x 30 x 1.5 cm on canvas). It's a new commissioned painting for a collector from Aegina. They wanted something that would remind them of the port of Aegina. I decided to go with a warm feeling of golden hour. That is when I think the town looks really beautiful and memorable during this time of year as the sun sets right in front of the buildings. I feel like I’m getting better at finding special colors that really sing and give off the feeling of a dream-like atmosphere. I’m so happy with how this piece came out and I’ve never been more excited about painting!

Want your own custom painting?

I’ve really enjoyed the last two commissioned paintings. When someone hires me to do a painting, it puts a little more inspiring motivation behind the work to make something the buyer will love. If you’d like to hire me to make you a new painting, you can send me your idea by clicking the button below and then we can discuss details.

Up Next: Mom’s House & Ancient Minoan Painting

In early July I posted about a painting I was working on while in the United States. It was a piece about my mom’s lake house in Wisconsin. I’ve been working on finishing that up and hopefully I will have it available soon.

I’m also really excited for some new ideas I’ve been thinking about. I want to try painting some scenes of ancient life largely from my imagination. In particular, I’d like to paint a scene from the Minoan Palace of Knossos. I’ve been studying a lot about this ancient civilization and I am absolutely fascinated by their artwork and culture. Would you be interested in something like this?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend! - Zac