I have two new paintings coming up. One that I've started in the studio and another that I'm preparing for which will be outdoor and on-site. I've also purchased a bunch of new camera equipment mainly for my YouTube channel. Also, we just book a trip to the island of Amorgos!

Two new paintings coming!

1. Temple of Apollo, Aegina

In the spring I was walking near the The Temple of Apollo on Aegina.  It dates from the 6th century BC, even earlier than the Parthenon in Athens. There were an incredible amount of flowers that inspired me to want to paint it so here goes.

2. Arch of Kipi

Recently while hiking, I randomly spotted an incredibly arch in the cliffs of Southeastern Aegina near Vlachides. There is no road but I found a trail to get down there. I will be doing an outdoor painting there with my new camera and drone equipment to capture the whole process on YouTube. I will start after the Apollo painting is finished, probably.

Upcoming YouTube Videos

I plan to make better YouTube videos along with both of these paintings. Better shots with a view of the entire process, new gear with 4K quality, aerial drone footage while outdoor painting.

New gear

I have some new microphone equipment so I will be experimenting with adding some voice audio/narration to the videos to talk about the experience and what I'm learning. Also purchased a GoPro, a Drone(DJI Air 2s) and a bunch of accessories.

Upcoming painting trip in July! Amorgos

We just booked a trip to Amorgos

We will be going there to explore, paint and share our experience! I've been wanting to go to this island for quite a while now so I'm very excited.

Hope you all are doing well and thank you for reading!